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This Questionaire is focused on why DONALD TRUMP or JOE BIDEN believe they are more qualified to be President of the USA

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30 years ago, in April 1988, I was about to turn 40. My first marriage had ended the prior year. My life had dramatically changed and I needed a new template for the rest of my life journey. An impossible vision that I could work toward. I decided the Global focus of my life would be as an Advocate for Peace and WorldPeace. I changed my name to John WorldPeace as a commitment to that focus. I am focused on the three main entities which control the level of Peace in the world human society. Politics, Religion, and the Law. I have significant education and experience in each of these three areas.
My WorldPeace Advocacy is about creating a more sane and just world human society.

We are on the threshold of a transcendence of the human race. America is proof that all Races, all Religions, all Nationalities can live in peace.

Donald Trump represents America on the wrong path to the future. Donald Trump was a wakeup call for America and the world. He is the darkness before the coming light of a New America leading a Global Revolution where spirituality guides an emerging global democratic, all-inclusive world human society.

Running for President is a very significant aspect of my WorldPeace Advocacy. When the election is over in November 2020, I will be President or I will not. If not, I will immediately declare my Candidacy for President 2024. Nothing will change for me.

I will push American Democracy forward, I will push WorldPeace forward, I will carve out the doom and gloom and judgmental aspects of Christianity; I will remove the darkness from its light.

Jesus said, “Ask and receive, seek and find, knock and enter. If you have faith the size of a mustard seed you can move mountains. Truly if you believe in me you can do the works I do and greater works will you do.” This means the future of the world human society is what we script it to be. There is no set future except what we script and that is the path we are now engaged upon. I am the self-designated focal point of this New Millennium; A New Global Age, A new chapter in American Democracy.

Dr. John WorldPeace JD. 11/10/2019.

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Demanded from all Candidates by Dr John WorldPeace JD
Independent Candidate for President USA 2020

I am constantly editing this web page and the website and my other websites.

The last edit: 181226 11:30




I am asking you to consider the following regarding my campaign for President 2020 which I announced the day of the 2016 elections when Trump won the Electoral College. So I have been running for two years already. See my Impeach Trump website..

There is are 8000+ pages on my Flagship Website at

and consider these sites which are part of my Flagship site.

Honestly, there is no way you are going to be able to wrap your head around what I am doing not only with regrads to the 2020 election for President but also with regards to my global WorldPeace Advocacy in a cursory read of my main site; I am working diligently to contact reporters, potential supporters and so on like yourself. One or more reporters are going to break my campaign out of the shadows any time now. Then all the Democratic candidates for president are going to the back of the bus. The Republicans are not even on the bus.

I am THE MAVERICK INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT. I am running an Independent write-in candidacy. I will have no party. An independent party is an oxymoron. What I will have is an independent Coalition of like-minded voters. It is time for a change. If nothing else TRUMPEE ZERO has made a need for a change very clear. No more Screwball Presidents !!!

The Republicans under Donald Trump have now presented themselves as such lame representatives of American voters that we are now on Christmas Eve 2018, enduring our third Government shutdown in the 23 months since Donald Trump took office. The Republicans for the last two years have have owned the House, the Senate and the White House.

The hardest part of my candidacy will be educating the voters on how to cast a write in vote for me on their ballot. But I have almost 2 years to educate them.

What I bring to Presidential politics is more than a few creative solutions to gridlock in Washington. I also bring a plan to increase the level of peace in America society and the World human society. Below you will see exactly what I am talking about.

Friends, I sleep about 6 hours in 24. Most of my recreation is exercising. As a young man I had a huge extended family and holidays were very special. Not so now. I have four biological children from wife one who I do not communicate with. They have no interest in my life and I have none in theirs. Most I have not talked to in over 10 years. The core reason is that their mother abondoned the marriage and me and them in 1987 when they were 10 to 16. I found an angelic second wife with children and we finished raising our combined 6 children. I believe each human being has a God given soul. Children receive bodies from their parents, not their souls. Often the souls of parents and children have nothing in common. That is my short explanation for no connection with my children. Second general statement is that divorce destroys so much. I have had 4 committed (male/female) relationships spanning 45 years. I am open to a relationship but not actively looking for one. I have been celibate by choice for the last 4 years. I work basically all waking hours now and that will continue as President. It is a habit I have had all my life. I quit playing golf at 15. I do not intend to represent the citizens of the United States as a grossly fat, big hair, MacDonald's clown eating blob on the golf course. I essentially reject EVERYTHING that Donald Trump represents. At the top of that list is his inability to tell the truth about anything along with his UnAmerican everything. I do not hate Donald Trump but you can say everything about him disgusts me.

Friends know that I am engaged in an all out dead run for the Presidency in 2020; MY WAY as my entire life has been.

Thanks for your consideration
Dr John WorldPeace JD
The Maverick Candidate for President 2020  


Dr John WorldPeace JD 2018

Candidate for President USA 2020

Recent Photo of Dr John WorldPeace JD
I own no automobile. I get around on this motorcycle, my bicycle, the city buses
and my two legs.

Alburquerque, New Mexico - December 14, 2018


After 240 years American Democracy has become deadlocked and there needs to be a compromising force. An independent coalition that can keep the government functioning no matter which party is controlling the Senate or the House.

I am promoting the idea that the President always needs to be independent of particular party politics. We have seen what happens when the House and Senate and President are of the same party, Democrat or Republican. What happens is deadlock and very hard lines drawn which choke off the government. With an independent president, the number of deadlocks should be an exception not the rule.

I do not thnk we need another political party. I think the Democrats and the Republicans represent both sides of most issues in American politics. Both are equally capable of manipulating to get what they want for their constituents. But when the President is of one party or the other as opposed to being independent, every time there is a change of Presidents to the opposite party it creates chaos in the goverment as the new President tries to undo the work of the prior opposite party Presidents. Therefore, American government takes two steps forward and one step back. Enoungh of that insanity.

One particular thing that needs to be addressed is the Electoral College. It needs to be abandoned, deleted from the presidential election. No other election in the United States has a corrupting force like the Electoral College. The president should be the one with the most votes. Without the Electoral College, we would not presently have a minority president and 80% of the problems we are having right now would not exist. The Democrats have a right to challenge Donald Trump because he is not the majority president. This has significantly undermined his presidency.

Here is the reality. Donald Trump is doing just what he said he was going to do but with a large helping of anti-social anti-American Democracy and American Values. He is the problem. He is doing what he said he was going to do, but he was elected by the minority of voters. SO WHAT HE IS DOING IS NOT WHAT THE MAJORITY OF AMERICANS VOTED FOR.

As an independent candidate, I do not have to get in line with the Republicans or the Democrats. Both are just as corrupt and just as fair minded as the other. They are the product of the American Democracy as it stands right now. And where it stands right now is non-functioning. The Wheels of Ameircan Democracy have ground to a halt. We now know the Constitution of the 1700's has pitfalls and loopholes that are an internal cancer to the LIBERAL INTENT OF THE FOUNDING FATHERS, ie that all Americans should have equal standing and potential in American Democracy. The core principle of one citizen, one vote.

Not only am I not going to be controlled by Democrats or Republicans, I am not going to be controlled by PAC money or corporations. Whatever contribution levels are presently allowed, I will abide by. However, NO ONE, NO ENTITY will be allowed to run independent ads on my behalf. All money will come to my campaign for President by Crowd Funding which I have set up, and 95% of the money is going to be spent to alert Americans that Dr John WorldPeace JD is running for President. 5% will be spent on minimal costs of running a campaign. I expect that 5% to reduce to 1% as soon as possible. Later, money is going to be spent to promote the issues I have listed below.

HEADS UP: As an INDEPENDENT WRITE-IN CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT, I will not have to participate in a primary where I focus on demeaning, discounting and demonizing my fellow party members. Also, not having a primary, I will keep my same message from the beginning of my campaign for President which started when Donald Trump became the VERY BEST CANDIDATE the Republicans had to offer the American voters, until the Election in November 2020. I have defined this presidential election as one about the Qualifications of the candidate and not the backing of a party.Without party handlers and big money donors and PAC's doing their own thing, I will make this presidential election cycle about the Candidate and his or her platform.

FURTHER, allow me to give you a significant heads up. Pay attention. I am not working for any PARTY, PAC OR INDIVIDUAL DONOR. I AM TRULY WORKING FOR A BETTER AMERICA. AND HERE IS THE STINGER. I WILL NOT STOP CAMPAIGNING AT THE END OF THE 2020 ELECTION. I WILL GO AT THE NEXT PRESIDENT, if it is not me, THE WAY I HAVE GONE AFTER TRUMP FOR THE LAST TWO YEARS. BREAKING CAMPAIGN PROMISES ARE GOING TO COME AT A VERY HIGH PRICE. IN A WORD, MY CAMPAIGN IS LIFETIME!! JUST BECAUSE AN ELECTION CYCLE ENDS DOES NOT MEAN THERE IS NOT AN ONGOING DETERMINATION TO MAKE AMERICA A BETTER DEMOCRACY. I have ben Dr John WorldPeace JD since April 1988. I have never stopped Advocating WorldPeace. And I will not stop running for President in November 2020 win or lose. And I will not stop promoting my agenda even after I leave office. .

I am not going to run a high finance campaign. With social media, web pages and such I don't need a lot of money to run an independent campaign. I have been building websites since 1998 and I know how to get my name out to America and the world basically for free. I bought my first computer in 1981 to use in my bookkeeping business.

To be more specific about my campaign, it makes no sense to me to travel around the country wasting a lot of time traveling. I intend to be podcasting every day for an hour for the next 22 months starting probably in February 2019. I will respond to questions during the podcast then writing a response to post on the internet for certain issues. I have been on the internet for 20 years and during that time I have posted a lot of things. I have received feedback that tests the coherency and consistency of my thoughts. I will do this during the campaign. I will be constantly testing my ideas and measuring the response to my ideas. I am more concerned about being coherent and consistent than being agreed with.

Podcasting is essentially free as is posting to Facebook, Twitter, and my Blog and websites and repeating those posts on my Crowd Funding sites. In the beginning, 95% of the money I take in will go to Facebook and YouTube and Twitter and Google ads. That will expand as time goes on. I will need an employee to mange these ads. It would be nice if I needed a 100 employees to manage all the ads from my contributions.

I am open to having daily face to face gatherings with about 25 -50+ people who come to Albuquerque where I have been headquartered since 2011. The gatherings will last as long as they last. These people can return to their communities and report what they concluded after visiting with me. The people who attend will pay a fee.

If my independent candidacy strikes a nerve with the voters, my candidacy will go viral. If it does not go viral such that I am known nationally and globally then it is going to be hard to win as a write in candidate. But my campaign will make and impact.

Friends, know that I am not stupid and I am not a burned out Hippie or an Air Head New Ager. I have never used drugs or pot and drink so little I can say I dont drink. I am very well grounded in reality as you will see if you keep reading.

I am presently not married or in a relationship (I have logged in 45 years of committed marriages with 4 women and had 4 children with the first wife. I am disconnected from all of them. Children are of your body but not your soul. I have virtually nothing but being human in common with my ex-wives or children. They have no idea who I am.). I am open to a female relationship but I am not actively looking for one. In the meantime, I will remain celibate. I will choose a surrogate First Lady to fill that role with the public. This will be a women on the level of Michelle Obama or has the potential to operate on that level.



I will say that at this point that CONGRESSWOMAN ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ has the right stuff for my definition of a politician. Yes, she is young and does not have a lot of life experiences but she is a "fearless fire pisser" and seems to be a quick study. I will continue to watch her closely. She is presently my preference for THE APPOINTMENT FOR VICE PRESIDENT which I cannot appoint until after I am elected. I am running an independent write-in campaign and there is no provision for VP in an Independent campaign. If she does not want to serve, she is my template.

NOTE: I have not met or talked to Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez.

On January 1, 1986, I was 38, and had acquired degrees in Political Science, Accountancy and a Doctor of Jurisprudence. No one in my family had a college degree. I had no scholarships and took out not no loans. I worked full time 9 out 10 years I attended college. I had an accounting, tax and law business. I had been married for 18 years and I fully expected to make $1 million that year. But my wife, who had worked with me to achieve all those things since our marriage in 1969 at the end of my junior year in college, said she wanted a divorce. Right when we reached the top of the mountain, she quit. Why? She never said. In November 1986 after 9 months of weekly marriage counseling with a psychiatrist, she said, "I see now no matter what you do, I want out. I think the reason she wanted out was because she saw I would never quit working and she saw something that I did not see for decades. My goals for my life, were never going to be subordinated to her, or my children or anything else. 2 years after January 1, 1986, she completely abandoned the children to me. I had never missed a visitation never missed a child support payment. I shut down my tax and law business in the sense that I did not take on any new business. I found a second wife by the grace of God to help me raise my children and I helped raise hers of the same age as mine. I had married a dark soul and I found an angel to help me finish raising my children. After 19 years, wife two and I parted friends.

In 1986, I realized that at 38 I had accomplished all my goals. Except I married the wrong woman. I realized that I had to have a goal that I could not accomplish because I was going to run all out until I dropped dead. I chose being an Advocate for WorldPeaace in addition to my other lesser goals. I changed my name in April 1988, to show my intent and focus for the rest of my life. I have never left that path. Part of that path now is running for president. The rest of the story is at my flagship website.


I have been harassed all my life by people who told me I could not do the things I have in fact done.

This video sums up my life to date. I see no change in my future. We will see what one determined human being can accomplish. That is my core message. Arnold's message is classic and ancient. I have never met him. I happened on this video crusing YouTube.



Arnold Schwarzenegger 2018 - Regarding Achieving Goals



PREFACE: Friends, the Presidential Election in 2020 is going to be about the CANDIDATE for President and NOT the PARTY.

After TRUMPEE ZERO, we can no longer elect a Reality TV Screwball for President. I am the standard for the next President. We elected A Clown and we reaped a Circus. NEVER AGAIN. In the 23rd month of his Presidency we have his 3rd Shutdown. Enough said.


I INSIST that any Candidate for President in 2020 state his or her qualifications compared to mine below. Any candidate who does not respond is going to be trolled by me until they do or get off the playing field. At this time, not a single candidate has responded. Just as I expected.

Below the Qualification Section are critical issues in my campaign. I am going to insist that every candidate take a undeniable Black or White position on these issues. Let America see if a candidate has the guts to stand up for Americans over their benefactors. Lets find out who are the handlers.

If a candidate is presently traveling America drumming up support for a run for President, he or she needs to answer these questions NOW.

The massive degradation that Donald Trump has foisted on America is something that those who fought World War II would not have tolerated. No more screwball Presidents! Fellow candidates respond to my questions or I will show you a viciousness that will equal whatever level necessary to make sure America does not have another lying worthless anti-American miscreant in the White House.


I have nothing in my life that will allow anyone to censor or discount what I say and even if I did it would not stop me from speaking the truth.

Consider these links!

2001-2 Dr John WorldPeace JD for Governor of Texas Campaign Website

2002 Democratic Primary for Governor vote totals showing Dr John WorldPeace JD with 20,121 votes.

20,000 votes was a lot considering I used nothing but robo calls and my participation in many campaign rallies. Very few videos or campaign images of me. A very low budget campaign. I knew I could not match $65 million that would be spent by the Democratic Candidate Tony Sanchez. So I did not solicit any funds. I think I received less than $1000. $1000 for 20,000 votes is a pretty good return. Now we have social media which is free.

Dr John WorldPeaace JD
2001-2 Campaign for Governor of Texas

In 2001-2, when I was running for governor of Texas the corrupt Democratic Party of Texas pushed Dan Morales to run for governor on the last day for filing. Dan Morales was the attorney general who got a billion dollar judgment against the tobacco companies. Then he tried to steal about $200 million of that judgment for which he eventually went to jail. He also married a stripper. No

White Texan will ever put an ex-stripper in the governor's mansion. Texas is a part of the Baptist Belt in the Southern US and strippers are on the absolute NO DEAL list of First Lady qualifications.

Morales was pushed to run so the Democrats could put another crooked Hispanic Tony Sanchez, who was a Bush pioneer meaning he had given Dubya Bush $500,000 in campaign contributions, in the governor's race. So the Democrats were running a Republican for Governor and by putting Dan Morales in the mix they could try to give the Hispanics control of White Racist Texas. Funny. Tony Sanchez had also made a lot of money in the Savings and Loan crash through his Tesoro Savings and Loan and had laundered $25 million of drug money in that same S & L. So two criminal Hispanics running for governor in the Democratic Party.

Incidentally, I received 20,000 votes using only RoboCalls. No video. No photos of me. I did go to a lot of political rallies. That is a lot of votes for that small amount of advertisement for a guy with a weird name John WorldPeace.
Telemundo set up an all Hispanic debate for governor and barred me from participating (because I am White) which was illegal. I sued in Federal Court and lost due to a corrupt Federal Judge who was controlled by one of the biggest law firms in Texas and who was representing Telemundo.

I went to a lot of political gatherings and would not shut up about the crooked Sanchez (who never participated in a political event where I was present because he was a wallflower that read his speeches from index cards. TOTALLY UNINSPIRING) and the crooked Morales. I repeated over and over that if the Democratic party continued with their plan it would be the death blow to the Democratic Party in Texas which had been in control since Reconstruction. Tony Sanchez spent $64 million to be governor, spread a lot of money around to the corrupt Democratic county chairs in the state and only got 40% of the vote. And 2002 was, in fact, the end of the Democratic Party in Texas.

After the election, the Democratic Party of Texas solicited the State Bar of Texas to disbar me. They won IN 2003. The whole thing was a Kangaroo Court. I have all the documents from that process and I will tell you that I will appeal that decision at the appropriate time. For the lawyers, this may sound incredible, but the State Bar Pleading DID NOT plead for disbarment. Only monetary damages. I filed multiple petitions pointing this out. But like I said, it was a Kangaroo court and Judge. The North Texas red neck judge who presided over my trial was given an assignment to disbar me. I represented myself. He was not appointed by the Supreme Court to hear 4 out of the five cases the Bar used to file their lawsuit against me. So there was no jurisdiction and with no jurisdiction there is no statute of limitations as to when I can file an appeal in Federal court.

In time, I went to jail related to this Disbarment based on the lying testimony of a Deputy U S Marshall. I pled out to a one year misdemeanor of resisting arrest on a CIVIL BENCH WARRANT. No one can overcome the testimony of a cop no matter how crooked.

I had a successful law practice but hated practicing law because it is a CONFLICT ORIENTED GREED ORIENTED CORRUPT PROFESSION. But as a result, I was a Political Prisoner and I now have my bona fides as a WorldPeace Advocate. Like Gandhi, King and others I went to prison and wrote over 3000 pages on various things. I was in Administrative Segregation (Solitary Confinement) for 6 of the 12 months. I was only allowed out of my cell for 13 hours in 6 months. My head is bloodied but unbowed.

So fellow candidates understand what a Really Smart and Driven Independent Candidate with experience in the law and 20 years on the internet as a web designer is capable of.

Answer the following challenges to your qualifications and opinions or be prepared to be called out for being a typical bought and paid for politician.

Dr John WorldPeace JD 181201

I am an Advocate for Peace and WorldPeace but I am definitely not a Pacifist !!!

List of Candidates contacted by Dr Jwp JD and their responses.


1) Any candidate who is not a VETERAN is going to be hammered by me as being an American in name only. As president I will bring back the Peace Corp as an alternative service for those who do not want to go into the military. If neither a candidate, candidate's parents or their children or grand children have severed in the military, that candidate is not worthy to hold that office. Being female is no excuse. My father (WWII Army) my 3 sons (USMC) my son-in-law (Navy). Ancestor (Revolutionary War) Ancestor (Confederate Surgeon). Further in 1970 when I was about to finish college, I signed up for USMC Officer Candidate School. In July 1970, I was discharged because I was told that they could only take Engineers for the next class due to changes from Washington. On October 14, 1970, 2 days after I was drafted into the Army, the Marines called my wife and said they had a place for me in the March 1971, OCS class. They wanted me to discharge from the Army and re-enlist with the Marines. I told my wife to tell them no. I was trained for 11 months as an Infantry Sergeant to go to Vietnam. When I reported to Fort Dix in September 1971 to ship out to Vietnam, I was sent to the NATO Forces (SETAF) in Vicenza, Italy, where I was stationed until I was honorably discharged. (NOTE: to verify all I have claimed see my vetting documents page on my candidacy for President Website)

2) I go to CHURCH every Sunday. Any candidate who wants the Christian vote needs to go to church more than a few times during the campaign. I am a believer in Jesus not the church. I am a spiritual Christian not a bureaucratic Christian member of a corporate church. I believe in Jesus not the church. The church is just another political party in my opinion. I came into this life with Jesus and God and have never lost the faith. I am not a born-again Christian. The book of Hebrews says that God wrote his laws on our hearts and minds and no one needs to teach anyone. Hebrews 8:10-12. Just look inside yourself if you want to know God and Jesus.

Further, if you go to my main Christian website ( you will see that I have re-organized the first four Gospels of the New Testament. It is called The Third Millennium Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is for sale on

Further, America is not strictly a Christian nation. On my main website ( on the Site Map) you will find that I have re-interpreted and commented on the major sacred texts of the major religions in the world human society: Buddhism, Hinduism, Zen, Islam, The Annalects of Confucius, etc. I embrace all religions enough as to have made a significant 3 year effort to understand them by re-interpreting their major sacred texts. I have also over the years attended more that a few Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim religious gatherings. I believe any religionist can believe in Jesus. I do not believe that any Christian is saved if he or she does not act saved in their day to day life)

3) I have a LAW DEGREE and practiced law for almost 20 years. We can all see what happens when you have a non lawyer as president. Donald Trump is lost as president. He is ignorant of the most basic foundation of American law. And as a result we have chaos in the White House. Also, I have a BA in Political Science. In addition, I understand the working of family and criminal law where I practiced. I also have a Bachelor of Accountancy degrees. I worked full time and went to college full time for 9 of 10 years. I never applied for any student loans. Never had a scholarship. I had no college related debt when I graduated.

4) I was a member of Mensa and Intel which means my VERIFIED IQ is in the top 1%. Donald Trump is a low mentality human being. He says he is smart. If he is he should show us by taking the Mensa test. Any candidate who does not have a high IQ, top 2% required by Mensa is not competent to be president. We dont need another Dumb Ass president. Nixon said he was not a crook. Trump says he is not stupid. I say if you are a candidate for President, take the Mensa test. If a candidate does not take it, that candidate could not pass it. Period. No more stupid liars in the White House.

5) I have a Bachelor of Accountancy from the University of Houston and I practiced ACCOUNTING AND TAX from 1977 to 1993. I understand complex accounting, the stock market and taxes. I can read complex financial statements and I can read Government budgets. I have a working knowledge and understanding of economics. I believed in a balance budget. PERIOD.

6) I have a Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) and a Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) certificates both of which required 5 years in the INSURANCE business and 30 college hours. The most critical issue in the United States right now is Health Insurance. I understand the arguments from my experience and education.

7) In 1988, after my first divorce in 1987, I was about to turn 40. I decided to make a commitment to WORLDPEACE (increasing the peace in the world human society is attainable. Only in the realm of Jesus is there the potential of a perfect peace.) and changed my name as a tangible commitment to WorldPeace. (WorldPeace is one word. If it is written as two words, it is two things). For thirty years I have found three areas that control the level of peace in the world human society. 1) Governmental Politics 2) Religious Bureaucracies and 3) The Legal and Justice systems. I have a Political science degree and I have studied politics all my life and most especially the Civil War and Nazi Germany. And I ran for governor of Texas in 2002. I have gone to church all my life and I have written 10 books related to Christianity. And I have reinterpreted (not translated) the most sacred texts of the major religions. I have a law degree and I practiced law for 19 years. So in all these three areas I have the education and the experience. We are in a global society now and understanding how governments work, how religions work, and how the legal systems work is required to be president of the United States.

I have begun the process of applying for DUAL CITIZENSHIP in all the nations of the world in order to fast track as many global issues as possible for the increasing the level of peace in the world human society and to move out of the 20th century nationalistic mindset and into a Global mindset of the Third Millennium. It is my intention to become the world's first Global Citizen.

Further, due to my agressive rebukes of the Democratic Party in Texas when I was running for governor of Texas, I was subsequently illegally disbarred and jailed for a year by the Feds with the aid of the corrupt State Bar of Texas and two corrupt Federal Judges. The State Bar disbarred me without even pleading for disbarment. I hated practicing law because it is a "Conflict oriented Greed driven profession." So I have not been in a hurry to recoup my license. It has not been a priority. The red neck assassin North Texas Judge who disbarred me had no jurisdiction because he was not appointed by the Supreme Court of Texas to hear my cases and as I said the State Bar did not plead for disbarment. Attorneys understand what I am talking about. I have all the files in my case. With no jurisdiction there is no statute of limitations on my case against the State Bar of Texas.

The bottom line is that I have my "Peace Advocate bona fides". The last 5 months of my one year in jail I was in administrative segregation, solitary confinement, and was not allowed out of my cell for more than 13 hours. I have a prison journal which will be available on Amazon within a few months. In jail, like Mandela, King and Gandhi, I wrote: over 3000 pages. Bernie Sanders was a peace activists but he does not have my "bona fides" of a year in jail based on the lying testimony of a Deputy U S Marshall. Friends, I am fearless but I am not stupid. I will have my vindication on my terms and on my time table.

(I did not seek out a jail term to acquire my bona fides. That said, no other candidate has a first hand 12 months experience of being in jail for challenging the Democratic Party and being illegally jailed as a political prisoner.)

8) My father's parents lived on a FARM/RANCH west of El Campo, Texas. I spent many summers there until I was 14. I have hoed and picked cotton. Enough to know that I did not want to make a career out of it. My second wife and I lived on her father's 125 acre ranch close to Thornton, Texas from 1990-1992. He died in 1991. I ran the ranch. I knew enough from my childhood to run the ranch. I can certainly drive a tractor and ride a horse and build and maintain long barbed wire fences.. Question is what is the farm ranch experience of the other candidates? Probably None. I have hunted, dove, quail, ducks and geese and harvested a few deer. I can fish. I have not hunted since I left Thornton in 1992. Not something I enjoy anymore but I definitely am addicted to being outdoors. I love to walk down long rows of corn, maze and cotton.

9) I believe that anyone who runs for President must select an opposite gender person to be the vice-president. I make that commitment. Question is whether other candidates will commit to this?

10) I have been posting 500 to 1500 word TRUMPEE ZERO COMMENTARIES about day to day events related to Donald Trump for two years. I have been fully engaged in Presidential politics. If a candidate opposing me does not have that track record, they need to stay out of the race. If you want to know what I have to say, go to or my timeline on Facebook or my Blog or my YouTube videos.

11) In October 1975, I was raised to the Degree of Master Mason in the Oak Forest Lodge #1398 in Houston, Texas. Anyone who knows anything about the Masonic Lodge knows that you have to ask to join in a petition with two Masons vouching for you. Then you have to memorize a significant amount of Masonic information and be raised from Entered Apprentice, to Fellowcraft before being raised. The final act is a vote by the lodge members where you cannot receive one black ball. And any Mason from any lodge can black ball you. This means you have been vetted by the entire Masonic Organization. Most of the founding fathers of the United States were Masons and many presidents. I was raised with my father. We also joined the Scottish Rite and the Shrine. When I changed my name in April 1988, I disengaged from every organization I had belonged to because I felt membership in any organization separated me from advocating WorldPeace. I believe metaphorically speaking that WorldPeace is Egalitarian and Democratic and being a member of any organization is Elitist and Exclusionary. I also disengaged from Mensa and my church membership. That being said, discharging from the Army does not erase your service, disconnecting from a church bureaucracy does not make you a non-Christian. Disconnecting from the Masonic Lodge does not erase your participation. I believe that my membership in any organization is an impediment to my WorldPeace Advocacy. With regards to Masonry one rule is absolute and that is the prohibition against discussing politics or religion at gatherings. Point is that all the junk you read about the Masons trying to control the world is nonsense.

12) I HAVE NO SIGNIFICANT ASSETS. My education and experience indicates I could easily make a couple hundred thousand dollars a year. I have no car. I have a bicycle and motorcycle. I do not own nor am I purchasing a home. I have no real estate, no land, no savings accounts, no stocks, no bonds, no US or foreign investments or other assets. I have no debts. I have no trust set up in my name. I have a web design business which in addition to my social security pays my minimal expenses. I earn to whatever degree I need to, in order to pay my bills. Making money is subordinate to my WorldPeace Advocacy and run for President and other endeavors.. I am not married and live with no one. (I have logged in 45 years of committed relationships with 4 women) The only other assets I have are my books, poetry and art which have no value at this time because I have not tried to seriously market them. I do expect that I will place an emphasis on marketing in 2019. THE POINT IS THAT NO ONE OWNS ME. I HAVE NO POLITICAL OBLIGATIONS TO ANYONE OR ANY ENTITY AND DO NOT INTEND TO INCUR ANY. I absolutely believe the words of Jesus that if I make God a priority my earthly needs will be taken care of. Matt 6:33-4 I have found this true my entire life. When I had a family my expenses were significantly greater. I was not able to fully pursue my current interests until I finished raising my children in 1995 who the first wife abandoned to me.

List of Candidates contacted by Dr Jwp JD and their responses.


The following issues have been composed by me (Dr John WorldPeace JD) based on my education and life experiences. I am increasing the details related to each issue and believe that any candidate that cannot or will not respond to the line by line details of these issues will be challenged by me for a lack of response as having no clue as to these details or a refusal to answer because answering would reveal the political donors or political party's silent agenda on these issues. Failure to respond would disqualify a candidate as meeting the standard I have set for the Office of President.

I am not an air head like Donald Trump. I am detail oriented on these issues not a proclaimer of seat of my pants ignorance on these issues. I have found Donald Trump to be clueless and for the most part when confronted with decisions does not know whether to "pull down his pants or go blind."

The 2020 Campaign for President will be about the qualifications of the candidate, not the party, not the donors, not the religously skewed positions of Evangelical or Fundamentalist Christians.

Where the below issues have a relgious bias I expect the Candidate to respond to that religious bias. When the issues have a global WorldPeace impact, I expect the Candidate to respond to that dynamic as well.


1) Friends, Politically I am more liberal than conservative. I am an independent candidate for President 2020 leading an independent coalition of independents. This is a shifting platform from election to election. An independent party is a oxymoron. I am a true independent candidate running as a write-in candidate. I support both Republican and Democratic issues. As a Democrat or a Republican I would have to support all issues on the party platform and I refuse to do that. The Presidental Election in 2020 is going to be about the candidate and not the Party. Donald Trump more than even Dick Nixon has shown us the dark side of Party politics. I am more in line with Democrats but I know for certain their ways are every bit as unAmerican as the Republicans.

2) Friends, I will grant a FULL PARDON TO DONALD TRUMP for all non financial crimes. Like with the Nixon resignation, America needs to quit focusing on Donald Trump. And the same non financial pardons for his three children. These are the conditions. 1) Remove 666 Jared Kushner, the beast, from all access to the White House and governmental functions immediately. 2) Immediately create a permanent Department of Peace in the Cabinet and appoint me Secretary of that Department. 3) Trump declare that he is not a candidate for the Presidency in 2020. 4) He will not resign from the Presidency but finish his term of office. 5) Donald Trump will endorse me for President of the United States in 2020. If he does not do the above, he will I am sure rot in jail for the rest of his natural born days.

3) Friends, I believe that it is a fact that Americans who vote to deny healthcare to the poor own the pain and suffering caused by that denial. I believe as Jesus said that whatever you do to others you do to Jesus. If you refuse to provide health care to the needy then you are not a true Christian. A vote for Donald Trump and his hatred for the needy is a vote against Christianity. No Christian can in good conscience vote for or support Donald Trump. America is a Democracy. This means that every American citizens owns the abuse of the poor and penniless per the words of Jesus.

4) Friends, The ELECTORAL COLLEGE skews the American Democracy Rule of the Majority Rules. I will do everything I can to delete the Electoral College from the Constitution. ANY CANDIDATE that does not support the end of the Electoral College is anti-American. The Electoral College skews the vote for President and is an impediment to the majoirity rules foundation of the U S Constitution.

Friends, Donald Trump, is no doubt loyal to his base. He has committed many unAmeican acts to honor his commitment to his base. BUT friends he is the MINORITY PRESIDENT. That means due to the Electoral College his agenda is not in line with the MAJORITY OF AMERICANS and never will be. The fact that the Democrats are not against the Electoral College is a clear message that they are as corrupt as the Republicans who now are in control of it. I will find a way to end this unAmerican part of the Constitution.

5) Friends, I do not believe that children of non-citizens of the United States should become citizens simply by being born on American land or territories. No BIRTHRIGHT for the children of non citizens of the United States.

6) Friends, I believe any human being on the earth can apply for ASYLUM in the United States. I do not believe they need to be on American soil or territory to apply. Specifically, I believe that no person should be allowed to enter illegally to the United States. I believe it is the responsibility of Mexico to be responsible for those who seek to use Mexico as a corridor to the United States. If someone comes to America through Mexico to apply for asylum or citizenship they must remain in Mexico until their documents are processed. Mexico let them in, so Mexico can take care of them while their documents are processed.

There is only one solution to child IMMIGRATION to the US and that is an agreement with Mexico. We jointly build detention camps in Mexico if that is where they came from. Give them whatever paperwork they need to fill out for whatever they want to apply for in the US. They are not kept in the US more than 24 hours. Fingerprint them, give them food and water, a care package if you will along with the documents they will need and put them on the bus back to Mexico. We put American in the facilities in Mexico to help with filling out the paper work. Children being dumped off on the American side of the border is going to be a real hard to solve problem. But one thing I would do as President is to spend a lot of money for free birth control in all the countries in Mexico and Central America. Should not be hard to determine from DNA testing and some blood test where these children came from and then take them back to those States. The word would get out that getting into America is not easy. Jail time for Americans harboring illegals and deportation for non American citiizens who harbor them. For me, once you keep anyone over 24 hours, you are stuck with them. If the Catholic churches in Mexico and Central America do not pass out free birth control, the Catholic Churches in America lose their property tax exemptions and the Vatican can sort it out. A big part of the problem is unwanted children. And the Catholic Church South of the US border is a giant part of that. I do not accept being taxed for the religious doctrine and dogma of any church. Taxed in the sense that Americans have to support children encourage by any church. My fall back position is separation of church and state. And second, Jesus said give to Caesar what is Caesar's. I have no position in this matter with regards to abortion. Only birth control.

7) Friends, I support LGBTQ. I am for GAY RIGHTS and GAY MARRIAGE. I am not a part of that community but I support them as 100% Americans. This is not Israel. There are no second class citizens in the United States. There are two types of marriages: secular (government) and religious. Secular marriages are simply about property rights. In a secular gay marriage all that is happening is that the vast body of family law is being applied to gay couples. It is nothing more than a contract between two people. Religious conversations about gay marriages are outside the realm of any politician's candidacy because in America there is a separation of church and state.

8) Friends, I support women's equality, the end of subordination of American women and the end of WOMEN AS SECOND CLASS CITIZENS GLOBALLY and always have. My mother and grandmothers worked outside the home. I think women should be paid the same as men in equal jobs. I think the government should mandate a percentage of females in upper and top management of corporations the same way the racial quotas were imposed on college admissions decades ago. In 15 years, all major corporations should be required to have 50% of the top echelon jobs held by women. I will do everything possible to make all women first class citizens in America. I will see to it that during my first Administration the Equal Rights Amendment will be ratified and become law.

9) Friends, I believe GLOBAL WARMING is real and the harbinger of a great coming of suffering around the world. I believe we have to get away from fossil fuels within the next 30 years and convert to nuclear and other energies like solar and wind. I believe hydro-electric damns are environmentally bad. Governmental legislation should be used to achive this independence from fossil fuels. We must move slow enough to not cause too much unemployment in the fossil fuel industry and fast enough to not bring on chaos in the world human society due to starvation, rising seas, disease and wars. I advocate that no American buy a 100% gasoline car. This will force the auto industry to immediately quit building these gas and diesel vehicle. I will put tariffs on all gasoline and diesel vehicles coming to America with the intent to stop importing them altogether before I leave office in 8 years.

10) Friends, I believe that OBAMACARE was the right thing to do no matter what flaws it contains: these will all be worked out in time. I do not believe we should reverse course and eliminate Obamacare but should go forward and make universal health care work. We can go to the moon and see the edge of the universe, universal health care should not be a challenge. I consider those who would give up on Obamacare to be essentially sociopaths who would condemn Americans to pain and suffering and death simply due to their low income status. Americans can do anything they set their mind to.

11) Friends, I believe in CAPITALISM but I acknowledge it to be an unsympathetic predatory grab for money and power and economic enslavement of American citizens but along with democracy it is the best social economic mindset that the world human society has come up with to date. I believe companies that require bailouts from the public should result in the loss of significant assets of the top echelon officers. These executives must bear the burden of pursuing policies that impose economic chaos on the taxpayers in America. The forfeiture of assets is an excellent deterrent to corporate corruption and excessive greed. I believe that Capitalism is doomed to implode someday when consumerism is no longer a priority in the world human society.

If the drugs companies do not keep critical drugs like insulin available I will find a way to apply eminent domain type laws to those drugs and nationalize them. No American is going to die due to lack of insulin while I am in office.

12) Friends,I believe in America as the undeniable bright and shining example of proof that all races, religions, nationalities and men and women can live in peace. I was raised in the South in Houston,Texas and racism is still alive and well there but not as alive as when I was a kid. When I was born, the Civil War had only been over about 80 years and there were a lot of Confederate veterans who had been defeated but had not accepted civil rights for Blacks. They lived in the 1920's and spread their misguided slavery mindset long past the end of the Civil War. The worse case being some of them supporting the KKK. I detest apartheid states because I lived in the South and saw unjustified social prejudice first hand.

13) Friends, I don't deny that good Christian America committed GENOCIDE against the Native Americans and have never officially apologized for it. Nor has America apologized for SLAVERY. That apology will happen in 2020 as one of the first acts of my presidency. I do not believe that reparations should be paid to Native Americans or Blacks. The time for that has passed as all slaves are dead as are all those who suffered under American/Christian genocide. The living progeny of these unfortunate souls have not suffered any more than any other human being trying to navigate this reality.

I will free Leonard Peltier. Even if he is guilty, which I doubt because as an ex-attorney I believe his trial was a farce. He has served enough time. I support the FBI but they make mistakes. I believe the events on the Pine Ridge Reservation were a mistake as was the David Koresh incident at Waco, Texas. Measured simply in the number of lives lost with no other consideration, I believe the Native Americans have suffered far more than the soldiers and agents of the United States of America throughout America's 240 year history.

14) Friends, I believe as an ex-Texan that everyone other than felons should be able to own GUNS because political freedom is more important than stopping a few crazy people from murdering innocent people with guns. People kill not guns.

15) Friends, I believe in legalizing all DRUGS and POT because I see drugs as no different from alcohol and we are daily seeing the same criminal activity that existed during prohibition related to a prohibition against illegal drugs. Legalize drugs and tax them and reduce taxes for the general population and identify those who have a problem as well as emptying out the jails. I say again, I have never used illegal drugs or pot. I find it dulls the mind and inhibits ambition. I drink alcohol so seldom I can say I don’t drink.

16) Friends, I advocate giving MEXICAN WORK PERMITS but denying citizenship to their children born in America. With work permits we can keep track of who is who in America. We issue a work permit and give the foreigners 6 months to find a job. If no job, then they must exit the USA. Since permits are automatic, then illegals should be dealt with harshly.

17) Friends, I believe in CAPITAL PUNISHMENT because we are all going to die and capital punishment just shortens life, it does not affect the soul. The soul is within God's jurisdiction. So people need to have their right to life revoked if they insist on severely harming others.

18) Friends, I believe in the RIGHT TO CHOSE and only people who are willing to adopt or support an unwanted child should have a say on the issue. I believe that abortion laws should be cobbled to welface to support the unwanted children. If you vote against abortion, you have to vote for welfare is my platform. I will sign no anti-abortion bill that does not have a funding bill for these unwanted children attached.

19) Friends, I believe that if a mother does not identify the father of her child so the state can pursue child support, then the mother should be denied WELFARE and ENTITLEMENTS. I do not accept raising a child that I had no part in giving birth to. I do no believe in saddling the mother with the economics of raising a child while the father has no obligation imposed by the Feds.

20) Friends, every LEGAL SYSTEM in the world is broken. The legal system in America is about money like everything else. I believe that 10% - 20% of all those in jail are innocent. Public defenders are better than nothing but not much.

I believe that law students must make a decision in the second year of law school to pursue a JUDICIAL CAREER. They will have to take on two extra years of law school regarding being a judge. They will not be allowed to publically declare their party preference while on the bench. If they do this and then go into private practice they will not be allowed to again sit as a judge. This will make the judiciary independent. Right now the biggest law firms work hard to put their partners in judicial positions so that when the firm's cases come to court they have the advantage of an ex partner deciding the case. I also believe that in every case before any court, the judge must declare how much campaign financing he received from each opposing attorney. If the ratio is more than 10 to 1, the least supportive attorney would be able to unilaterally recuse the judge from his or her case.

21) Friends, I believe that bureaucracies like the IRS are broken and so complex that those who work there are incapable and unmotivated to the solving of complex taxpayer issues. I believe that the IRS must issue detailed rulings on complex cases or forfeit whatever taxes are allegedly owed.

22) Friends, I believe the American political system went bad when the Democrats took down Nixon, then the Republicans attacked Clinton, then Dubya Bush lied to us about weapons of mass destruction to satisfy the military industrial complex and he nearly ruined the world economy. I believe Obama saw a clear path to the White House by way of the developing internet. But being Black more than being liberal has caused the Republicans to transfer to him the attack dog machine they hammered Bill Clinton with. I believe Clinton should have admitted his bad behavior with Monica, asked forgiveness and ended that conversation when it was first alleged instead of embarrassing all Americans with his dirty laundry and demeaning America with his lies; and abusing Monica.. I believe A TRULY INDEPENDENT PRESIDENT will end the animosity between the Democrats and Republicans.

23) PRISON REFORM. Friends there are way too many people in jail. 15% of those incarcerated are innocent. There should be mandatory public defenders for everyone. All contract prisons should be closed because they are allowed to circumvent the laws on prisoner rights. It is all about making a profit off incarcerated prisoners and rewarding political donors of politicians with these contracts. The major change should be in the legalization of drugs. Put drugs in the liquor stores. It was impossible to control alcohol and it is impossible to control drug use. It is time to get smart and quit using the criminal justice system to create jobs in the form of more prosecutors and prison guards. It is also undeniable that due to Racism, which Donald Trump promotes, that there are more Blacks in prison proportionally than Whites and the length of sentences are longer. The recent revision of the criminal justice system was just a minor first step to more justice in the Criminal Justice system.

Also, criminals need to be given an opportunity to work on government infrastructure if not forced to work on government infrastructure in certain cases. If they chose not to work in prison then they will be segregated with other like minded convicts and they should all be denied commissary. Commissary is a privilege to buy food from outside the prison; like potato chips, candy, cookies and so on. It is really a big deal in prison.

Corporations need to have the opportunity to set up manufacturing operations next to prisons in order to reduce recidivism and to reduce the cost of maintaining prisons. Also, sentence reductions need to be available for those prisoners who get a GED or acquire college credits while incarcerated. I also believe that sterilization needs to be offered as a way to reduce a prisoner's sentence after he or she arrives to serve his or her sentences. I believe that certain classes of violent crimes should mandate sterilization. I believe there should be a central government clearing house in the justice department to make sure that sentencing remains consistent throughout the United States. Computers can significantly streamline this process and no sentence can be imposed until it has been cleared. Judges need to be provided with the parameters of sentencing such that they know they will be overruled by the clearing house if they get outside those parameters. The ruing of the clearing house will not be subject to appeal. Detailed statistics from the clearing house will be submitted to a Congressional oversight committee every year and then published.

24) Friends, I think we have no chance to stop the expansion of ISIS the same as we have not been able to overcome the Taliban. Religious fanatics cannot be defeated without a very strong established government and a determination to remove religious murderers from their society. I believe in freedom of all religions and believe those who cause pain and suffering or kill in the name of God are evil and should be dealt with as any other criminal.

Boycott Divestment Sanctions Movement (aganist Zionist Israel)

Posted by Dr John WorldPeace JD Independent Candidate for President 2020 on January 8, 2019

25) Friends, I believe that the United States cannot continue to support the nation of ZIONIST ISRAEL as that nation moves away from democracy and toward a Theocratic Zionist state (Like the Theocratic Islam State of Iran) with superior rights for Jews. The United States will lose all credibility supporting a non democratic government of Zionism. Zionists are religious zealots. They are fascist Jews. Non Zionist Jews and Israelis are not the source of the Palestinian problem. It is the Orthodox Zionists who are the problem. In the very near future, the nations of the world will vote to create a Palestinian state along the pre 1967 lines. The United States cannot be the only nation in the world that supports Israel. As a truly democratic nation, America cannot support Israel that is an non democratic apartheid state.

ZIONIST ISRAEL is ruled by the same Orthodoxed Zionist Jews who crucified Jesus. Every Christian needs to keep this in mind.

Let me be clear I reject the KKK but embrace the American South, I reject Neo-Nazis but embrace Germans, I reject ISIS, Hamas, etc, but embrace Muslims, I reject Zionists and embrace Jews. All the above are radical fascists and terrorists. I do not support terrorism of any stripe.

Israel is ethinically cleansing Palestine of Palestinians. It is annexing occupied Palestine against international law. They maintain a concentration camp for Palestinians in Gaza. They exterminate unarmed Palestinians in Gaza. They are an apartheid state. All things that Americans are against and find politically revolting Zionist Isreal represents..

The Jews have highjacked the word Semitic as only applying to Jews. They loudly proclaim any act or statement against the Jews as Anti-Semitic. The truth is the the Palestinians are also a Semitic people. The Zionists have exterminated Palestinians for 70 years. They every couple of years use snipers to murder the Palestinians that the Zionists keep in a concentration camp in Gaza to the absolute shame of the UN. The truth is that there is no greater Anti-Semites in the world than the Zionist in their relations with the Palestinians. Further, the father of both Jews and Muslims is Abraham. The Muslims through Abraham's first born son Ismael and the Jews through his second born son Isaac. The murder of the Palestinians by the Zionists is a replay of the Biblical story of Cain and Abel with the Zionists playing the part of Cain. The Lord asked Cain where was his brother Abel who Cain had murdered. Cain asked the Lord if he was his brother's keeper that he did not know. God marked Cain and sent him out into the world.

God promised Sarah the mother of Isaac that his progeny would be without number. The Christians (technically the Christian Jews) are the inheritors of the Ancient and Archaic cult of Judaism through Jesus who was the Jewish Messiah. Christians are the largest religious denomination on the Earth. God promised Hagar the mother of Ismael that his progeny would also be without number. The Muslims have almost as many adherents as the Christians and are the second largest denominaton on the earth.. The ancient cult of Judaism is a postage stamp nation. Isaac's mantel was passed to Jesus and therefore to the Christians. The ancient cult of Judaism denies Jesus was the Messiah and denies his Resurrection.

The fact from a Secular position is that Israel is an apartheid state; and from a sectarian position the fact that Christians are now the Chosen people of God. No Christian nation on earth has been favored as God has favored America clearly indicates that the Zionists should not be controlling America in anyway, expecially the way they own Donald Trump.

26) Friends, I believe ISRAEL WAS LEGALLY ESTABLISHED by the United Nations and that any country that denies the legitimacy of Israel's right to exist and acts on that denial is an outlaw nation.

27) Friends, I believe that as the United Nations created Israel, and it can and should immediately create a PALESTINIAN STATE and remove the Israeli's from all lands not designated originally by the UN as being the domain of Israel. This means Israel returns to its pre 1967 borders. The UN will reimburse Israel for the infrastruct it has created in the occupied territories with the exception of military installations which will be neutralized or destroyed. This means that the United States will join the UN peace keeping forces in the use of military force to remove the Zionists from the occupied territories if necessary. All Palestinian refugees will be immediately returned to Palestine. Israel's gamble that it could illegally annex the occupied territories will become a bad bet.

Article 15. (1) Everyone has the right to a nationality.

The time has come to stop the United States and the Zionists from denying a Nationality for the Palestinians. It has been 70 years. Enough is enough. There can be no peace in or with the Muslim world without a Nation for the Palestinians and the end of the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

The UNITED NATIONS must be restructured into a democratic body. If the United States cannot accomplish this quickly through diplomacy, I would withdraw from the United Nations and join with other Nations of the world to create a new United Nations Charter and let the current UN dissolve into oblivion.

28) Friends, I believe that the United Nations should declare JERUSALEM AN INTERNATIONAL CITY to be governed by the United Nations. Jerusalem is sacred ground to Christians, Jews and Muslims and only the UN can enforce and guarantee peace within Jerusalem. I believe that based on 1500 years of possession, the Muslims should remain the caretakers of the TEMPLE MOUNT. Under no circumstances will any more construction take place on the Temple Mount. To be specific if the Zionist want to build a 3rd Temple of Solomon it will have to be built within the borders of Israel not controlled by the Palestinian State.

29) Friends, I believe that the nuclear sanctions on IRAN should immediately be suspended until a similar dialogue be established for the purpose of requiring Israel to immediately declare its nuclear stockpile. Both Israel and Iran are countries where religious zealots are in power and the potential for religious wars starting with either country is great. The United Nations needs to make the International Atomic Energy Agency the enforcer of compliance for all nations that possess nuclear weapons not just the ones who admit to owning them.. Failure to cooperate with the IAEA must bring with it severe UN sanctions and even military action to enforce control of nuclear weapons. If Israel does not declare its nuclear weapons a boycott needs to proceed.

30) Friends, I believe in WORLDPEACE THROUGH DEMOCRATIC LAW emanating from the United Nations. I believe the time for permanent security council members who can thwart the UN's legal dictates is at an end. I believe the world needs to move toward a World Federalist democratic body because the world is a global society. Nationalism is ignorant and stupid and a proven unworkable political philosophy. Nation states are becoming an impediment to WorldPeace as the world human society becomes a global village with the expanding influence of the internet. It is time for the first steps in this direction as part of a long term plan to be taken now. Issues like global warming, and global fishing rights and the cluttering of space with more and more satellites, space exploration, and control of natural resources must be brought into a common forum for the benefit of the world human socieity. The entire world needs to be in sync with regards to Global Warming and the potential of asteroid and comet strikes and protection for the global electrical grid from the Sun and AI (artificial intelligence) . We are subject to being returned to the Stone Age at any time if these four areas are not addressed globally.

31) Friends, I absolutely do not believe that one nation, one religion, one race, one gender should dominate the world human society. And of these, I believe that religions who claim the right to create pain and suffering in the world human society in the name of God are in truth international sociopaths if not inherently evil. How can we increase the level of peace in the world human society if we do not include everyone in our vision of peace?

32) Friends, I believe that Bill Cosby did a lot of wrong and should play his TV character in real life and admit he did wrong and then show us all what big money can do to stop the rape of women. And further, I believe that on an international level, the statement by Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan that women are not equal to men demonstrates undeniably how upside down the world human society is right now. How can a world leader in the 21st century make such a statement much less believe it. It would seem to me that President Edrogan could be considered an enabler of rapist world wide. #METOO

33) Friends, I absolutely believe in a BALANCED BUDGET. No exceptions. I do not believe in giving tax breaks to the rich who increase their wealth through the economic enslavement of the not rich and then increase the tax burden of the not rich. The rich would not be rich without the consumerism of the not rich. I do not believe in economic kingship and would increase the estate tax rate.

34) Friends, I believe the enabling of a PEDOPHILE CULTURE WITHIN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH is a crime and those priests must not be given immunity from the criminal law.

35) Friends, I believe in FREE STATE UNIVERSITY EDUCATION. And I believe that 75% of current student loan debts should be taken off the books.

36) Friends, I do not support WAIVERS for private schools between kindergarten and the 12th grade.

37) Friends,I do not believe in entitlements for non-highschool graduates. I also believe that if by the end of the 10th grade students are not college bound for one reason or another they need to move to two year vocational schools in place of 11th and 12th grade.

38) Friends, I will re-establish the PEACE CORPS of President Kennedy.

39) Friends, I believe in mandatory service to the United States by every citizen, male and female. This means military service, Peace Corp, or public works.

40) Friends, I will establish a DEPARTMENT OF PEACE in the Presidents Cabinet.

41) Friends, I will establish a manditory TEACH PEACH curriculum for all Amerian high schools and colleges. How can we increase the level of peace in the world human society if we do not TEACH PEACH.  Yet only a handful of universities offer Peace degrees. The most obvious is the most hidden.

42) Friends, I will establish a Federal Election Commission to create a mandatory procedure for all Federal Elections. This will included voting machines and procedures and Voter registration and verification. The states can establish their own Election Codes for State offices. I will stop the disenfranchise of American citizens right to vote. Period.

43) Friends, I believe in UNIONS as the front line of defense against unreasonable transfer of wealth from the bottom of the social pyramid to the top. I promote capitalism but unions are better to speak for the average worker than bought and paid for politicians.

44) Friends,I do not believe in any entitlements to mothers who refuse to identify the father of their child so the government can reduce the burden of supporting unwanted children. If a father will not pay his child support then he will be consigned to a government infrastructure work gang where he will be paid and 90% of his pay will be used to reimburse the government for child support it paid. If he will not work, he can go to prison and be denied commissary.

45) Friends, STEM CELL RESEARCH is a good vehicle for medical research for potential cures within the human body. In a word, the world human society benefits. Legally fetuses have no legal rights. The rights of a fetus to live rests with the mother. I believe that allowing a religious based morality to be enforced on a secular issue of curing disease and defects of the human body and reducing the cost of medical care to the government violates the US First Amendment concerning separation of church and state. I believe that the refusal by the religious community to allow universal free birth control is a primary cause driving the majority of abortions. The religious community cannot have it both ways: deny birth control and deny abortions This position results in religions imposing a financial burden on society.

I am against any anti-abortion bill that does not have an entitlement provision attached to pay for these unwanted children. Secular society cannot endure a stranglehold on its medical research by religious beliefs under the First Amendment. If religious faith healing is criminal when a child is denied medical care based on religious beliefs and the child dies, then the government has the right to deny religious beliefs to be applied to the abortion issue. A fetus is not alive until it takes a breath and survives outside the womb. A legal right of a fetus to be born is not within the secular law.

With regards to the Christian Bible the human body is nothing but dust. A fetus is less than a human body and therefore less than dust. The line between religion and secular society is very bright for me in the areas related to the abortion of fetuses. In capitalism and in religion the primary demand that fetus be allowed to be born has to do with power. The power of the religion to increase the numbers within it faith and the power of capitalism to create an ongoing incoming supply of human beings to be potentially economically enslaved for increasing the wealth of the rich.

Provide free birth control, legalize abortion, and legalize stem cell research is my position. Religious beliefs of part of society cannot be allowed to increase the cost to all of society with regards to the issues related to abortions. Abortion is not murder because a fetus cannot be murdered. Only a human being can be murdered. From a global perspective, abortions contribute to reducing over population which degrades the earth (our Garden of Eden) in many ways.

46) Friends, I believe in FREE BIRTH CONTROL and will make it available to all who ask. It is far cheaper than supporting unwanted children. Capitalism and Religions require an ever-increasing population to prey upon and to economically enslave and to Spiritually enslave. Over population makes humans a plague of locust on the planet turning the earth as a global Garden of Eden into a Global Desert.

47) Friends,No ANTI ABORTION BILLS will get my approval that do not have a reserve fund for entitlements to support these unwanted children. I will not listen to anti-abortion arguments from any person of any stripe who has not adopted or supported an unwanted child. If you have not adopted an unwanted child then you have no standing to argue against abortion.

Religions that support anti-Abortion bills will have imposed a special property tax to create a fund for these unwanted chldren. Religions do not have a right to burder the secular government with the cost of unwanted children. As an ex-lawyer I do not see a conflict between chruch and state on this issue. No religion has the right to economically burden all citizens of a secular society with their beliefs.

Jesus told people that whatever they did to the least of humans they did to him.

To demand children be born that would not otherwise be born burdens these anti-abortionist with the obligation to support these children.

Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not take care of you? ..Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to me. Matt 25:44-45

If they observe my teachings, they will also observe yours. John 15:20 If I hadn't come and spoken to them, they would not be guilty of sin. But as it is, they have no excuse for their sin. John 15:22

48) Friends, I believe in a graduated ESTATE TAX. I do not believe in the establishment of economic kingships in the world human society.

49) Friends,GLOBALISM V. NATIONALISM. Here is the reality of Globalism. The following issues affect the entire planet. 1) Global Warming 2) Asteroid impacts 3) Mass ejections and solar flares from the Sun that could wipe out all satellite and electrical grids 4) Artificial Intelligence 5) Human Genetic Engineering 6) Over population that can be solved with free birth control worldwide. 7) The accumulation of outrageous wealth in the hands of a very small percentage of humans which makes economic kingships and economic enslavement for the not super rich. 8) The continued subordination of women to second class citizenship globally 9) Nuclear Weapons especially the denial of such possession by Israel.10) A corrupt UN where 5 nations have absolute veto power. The UN must be restructured. 11) Education. Bringing the disenfranchised into the realities of the 21st century. 12) Global Free Trade. NATIONALISM AND ISOLATIONISM ARE A DEAD POLITICAL MINDSETS IN THE 21ST CENTURY.

50) Friends, I believe we have to begin to deal with the issue of EUTHANASIA; the right to chose to die. We have an increasing number of brain dead seniors due to alzheimers as a starting place.

51) CHRISTIAN RESPONSIBILITY. Friends as Christians you cannot insulate yourself from the acts of your democratic government. In a democracy, politicians are elected by voting of its citizens and a decision not to vote is a vote. God does not appoint politicians as he appoints Prophets. Therefore the pain and suffering caused by your government is something you own and something you will be held accountable for at the end of your days on earth if not sooner. An undeniable example is refusing healthcare to Americans who are suffering even as I write this. Another example is requiring children to be born as in anti-abortion laws and then refusing to provide for these unwanted children.

52) Friends, As President of the United States I will every school day lead our school children in the "Pledge of Allegiance".

53) Friends, I support 100% normalization of relationships with Cuba. Cuba is a gold mine for potential investment from the United States. The days of the cold war are over. Time to move on.

54) I will appoint a commission to return all veteran benefits that were promised and then taken away from Vets. I will not apply this retroactively in most cases. An example is co-pay provision imposed on Vets when they were given free prescriptions.

55) I will re-establish school lunches. No child will go to school hungry during my presidency.

Friends, the above is just the beginning of a very large laundry list of changes I will add to over the coming months.

AS I HAVE WRITTEN IT, SO LET IT BE DONE !!! Dr John WorldPeace JD 181226


Dr John WorldPeace for President 2020 || Dr John WorldPeace The Maverick Independent Candidate for President USA 2020
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